Branding   •   Packaging
Misanthrope Brewing Company — an ethical and ecological based company who features the most endangered sea creatures on the front of their beer cans. This project included extensive research on market competition as well as other elements including location, purpose and style. The overall brand positioning has promised its customers that they will donate 1% of all their profits to Oceana Canada.

The process began with researching and building my brand; Misanthrope. I decided to take this brand into
an ethical and ecological direction, to give them a unique market position. Once I developed a design brief, and overall statements on my brand position, I was able to narrow down sketches. I chose the top three most endangered sea creatures to feature on my three cans, as a symbol of what our brand donations would go towards. I chose a simple and bright illustrative style to appeal to a young, futuristic, exciting and vibrant audience.

Illustrator  •​​​​​​​   Photoshop  •​​​​​​​   Procreate   •​​​​​​​   Vectornator


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